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Being uniquely qualified on entrpreneuship and innovation,Mastermind Society use their individual experiences and personal struggles by speaking on the following topics:

• Circumstances: overcoming difficult family situations, abuse, homelessness

• Choices: the realities of drug abuse, gang involvement, and gun violence

• Education: The importance of attaining knowledge of the world around us to change it

into something better by developing your own perspective of life.

• Entrepreneurship: Improve our standard of living, and in addition to creating wealth threw entrepreneurial ventures that will create jobs and the conditions for a prosperous society.



David Roman
Public Innovator
Dr.Courthney Russell Jr
 Civil Activist

David Roman is an accomplishment and a living testimony. Born in Manhattan New York a place where you grow up faster than most, from early on he wanted to matter in a City of many where one is easily lost in a crowd. 


He mastered the streets and began gangbanging, becoming very successful in this lifestyle. The irony in his success is that it increased his chances of becoming locked up or dead. 

Struggling between who he was and who he was put here to be, was an inner battle that he fought to overcome. Meanwhile, David’s love for music cultivated an even stronger desire to inspire others.

At his lowest point, during incarceration David realized his duty to serve and chose to live life on his own terms. Leaving the gang life to become someone who can speak to those who only speak that language. 

He offers himself to his community and has become an instrument leading those going down the wrong path towards the right one. His life story has provided him a resume of experience fit for the job of changing and saving lives. He is committed to preventing gang violence as well as speaking on mental, spiritual and emotional growth when one’s at their darkest and lowest points in life. As he shares his message, his hope is to leave a legacy behind for his children and the world. His message is his crown and he wears it proudly!

Courthney was born in Fort Knox, lived in the US Virgin Islands for a time, and eventually moved to East Alanta, an underserved community devoid of options. His neighborhood taught him survival skills, but his family wanted more for him and made education a priority. Unfortunately, Courthney didn t always share this priority. By the time he graduated from high school, his tendency toward stereotypical behavior had him on a collision course with incarceration or death. In a last-ditch effort, he applied to medical school and was surprised to be accepted.

There he found a passion that was unquenchable and made the choice to dedicate his life to humanity. The road wasn t easy. He experienced homelessness which meant juggling the responsibilities of being a student and the realities of living on the street. As a result, he shifted his perspective and set his life in a new direction. He graduated in 2011 with a medical degree and a new mission: leverage his knowledge in a non-traditional way to become an authentic, determined, humble leader by example.

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